01/09/2017, hum.

another brief, pointless blog post here. felt rather elated on the way home today.

well, after being coerced into staying behind for two hours doing a gratuitous amount of photocopying, and almost losing my higher up's copy card twice, i managed to escape into the sunshine of my small home town.

the air was:

one must admit a slight bittersweet sense upon boarding the bus home.

however, as the window by my side distracted me from my novel (the picture of dorian gray), i began to realise why exactly this day had lead to such joyous celebration in my soul.

and that, was due to the social atmosphere of the streets.

you see, i live in a very small, sleepy town. despite having moved to numerous towns and cities throughout my childhood, i always felt a disconnect to them. despite seeing so many sights, nothing, i suppose, resonated as much as this particular day did.

it was the fact that i could see people dressed in their friday bests and friday worsts, walking in the streets, politely passing small talk in cafes, that made me so happy today.


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